Cat Grooming

Why go to a CFMG?

Let’s talk about certification, what is a CFMG is and what it means for you and your kitty! So the grooming industry has a little secret; it's not regulated. I know, it's pretty crazy! Now I'm not saying that non-certified groomers are bad but I am saying we have no clue what their experience level is. If they have any. Unlike the hairdressing industry where you have to go through courses, a set amount of hours, and testing before you are allowed to sell your services.

Anyone can decide to become a groomer and open up a shop without any training. When it comes to the safety and health of our kitties I find it's important to find someone who went through training and understands the potential dangers to cats during grooming. So many things can go wrong if the groomer isn't trained to see warning signs from kitties and doesn't know how to correctly handle them.

To become a CFMG, Certified Feline Master Groomer, you must go through a course and take 4 written exams including, health and anatomy, breed and colors, temperament and handling, and business. With 5 practical exams to make sure all of the students know to safely demonstrate all of the grooming elements and understand which grooms are appropriate for each cat. Now the question is, how do you find someone who has gone through the training? You can go to they have a list of NCGI members (CFMG in training) and CFMG’s. If you have any further questions on this topic please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at (864) 520 -1545 or

What Should I Use To Brush My Cat?

So you have a kitty and you don’t know what to use at home to maintain their coat. No worries! We got you covered. I’m going to go over what you can use to help maintain your kitties coat at home!

My favorite comb to use is the safari, you can purchase it on amazon. It’s a cheaper version of my professional comb I use on my salon kitties. Super comfortable to use with it’s a wooden handle to keep from hurting your wrists. The tight teeth help pull out dead coat without damaging their good fur. You can use this on a short or long hair kitty.

Zoom groom is a great option for short hair kitties. The only downside it is messy when you use it; it doesn’t have teeth so the hair comes off instantly unlike combs where you have to remove the hair from the teeth. Most cats love the zoom groom because it feels like a nice massage. You can use this for long hair cats but it will not remove or prevent mats from forming since it doesn’t go all the way down to the skin.

Now you are probably wondering why there isn’t a brush on my list of tools to use to brush my cat. I don’t use brushes on my salon cats for a few reasons. I find most cats get aggravated when using a brush because they don’t remove mats as swiftly like combs do. Most brushes don’t go down to the skin which is where the mats start, so they are not good for prevention either. If you do happen to find a brush long enough to go down to the skin, too much brushing can cause kitties sensitive skin to go raw (brush burn).

I would also caution against the furminator type combs. The teeth have blades at the end pulling and cutting the healthy hair. I have seen many cats come in with damaged hair and skin from a furminator type brush. If you are having problems with shedding I would instead recommend getting a de-shed treatment at our salon.

At my home I like to keep my comb next to my couch so when my kitty like to jump on my lap to cuddle, I can whip out my comb real quick to and she doesn’t mind. You may ask, what happens if you find a little tangle? If its small, smaller than a dime, no worries! Take your comb underneath the mat and in now swift motion, like ripping off a band-aid! Pull the mat out. If you pick it at it will cause the kitty pain and skin irritation. If you are having trouble removing mats please don’t hesitate to reach out. It it was I do for a living!

Stay Purrdy!


How to find the right cat groomer for you

Furballs, Tangles, and How to Choose a Cat Groomer

Happy New Year, Everybody! 2018 flew right on by, so now it’s time to get started with 2019. A new year bring new experience, adventures, and choices. One such choice may be: how do you choose a good cat groomer? Here are some practical tips to pick someone who is a cut above the rest (pun DEFINITELY intended).

Has the groomer in your consideration been trained or is currently in training to groom cats? Although this may sound like a “duh” answer, someone who is specialized in grooming cats should be high up on your list of qualifications. I recommend groomers who were trained underneath National Cat Groomers.

Is the salon feline exclusive? If not, do they have a separate area away from dogs? Grooming can be a stressful time for some cats, and having them more stressed with dogs around them is a bit of chaos! Finding a cat groomer that is either feline exclusive, has a separate area for dogs, or grooms cats and dogs on different days is ideal for less stress and more sanity! 

When checking through the social media of the groomer in question, do they have a lot of before and after pictures? Unfortunately, I’ve seen groomers who only groom cats because it’s a job and not because it’s a passion, and these places tend to lack in before and after pictures. You want to see plenty of photos!

Lastly, and most importantly, does the groomer understand the grooming needs of you and your cat? Having someone who is in tune with your needs and your questions is crucial when choosing a groomer. Every cat is unique, and their needs are distinct to them. Open communication helps build a trusting relationship between you and your groomer. 

No matter where you live or if you move to a new location, these tips can guide you to a great cat groomer. After all, your furbaby deserves the best!