Our Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grooming process like?

At Upstate Meow our number one concern is making sure your kitty’s grooming experience is a stress-free and enjoyable experience! During kitty’s grooming appointment we keep interruptions to a minimal so we can solely focus on their groom. To achieve that we have a drop off time from Tuesday through Friday is at 8:30 and on Saturdays at 9. Our pick up time is between 1 and 2. We are flexible on pick up and drop off time if known before grooming appointment.

Do you really bathe cats?
Yes! Every cat benefits from getting a bath. Not only does bathing remove oil, dirt, and dead skin that licking can not do, it also keeps your kitty’s coat in tip top shape! Plus it’s like a full body massage, who doesn’t want that?

Do you always trim cats nails?

Yes! Trimming your kitty’s nails is the first thing we do. Cats nails are extremely sharp and are designed to cut through flesh. For our safety we trim kitties nails to reduce injury to ourselves. Even when they are cut, their nails are still sharp enough to protect themselves from other animals.

Do you sedate cats?

We do not provide or administer any form of sedation. Most cats do fine during the grooming process without any medication. If they did have a prior grooming experience that they needed sedation or your are concerned they need sedation please contact your vet.

Do you require vaccines?

For kittens we require them to get their full set of kitty shots before getting groomed.

For adults we require only the rabies vaccine.

Can I stay during the grooming?

Having owners present during the grooming process can be distracting for the kitty, for everyones safety we do not allow owners present during the grooming process. If you do want to check out the grooming area, we can setup a time do that before their groom.

My cat has never been groomed. Is that ok?

Of course! Our first time clients come in all different ages. Our skilled Certified Feline Master Groomer Gracee is trained to introduce grooming in your kitties life whether they are little kittens are a senior.