Our story

Many times I get asked what made me want to become a cat groomer. How does someone get into such an industry? It all began at my first groom expo. I was just getting in to dog grooming and I saw this crazy lady grooming a cat at the Wahl booth. Like many, I have never heard of cat grooming and my first response was “ Well, that is silly, cats groom themselves!”

Fast forward a year, I was well into my dog grooming career. One of our clients had a cat that was matted and had asked if we could shave it. We accepted and they bring in this old Persian, extremely matted! Me and one other groomer somehow was able to shave off all of the matting, mind you , it was a terrible looking groom. We had no clue to what we were doing. I thought it was a fluke and this cat would never get matted again. I mean, cats groom themselves, right?

Unfortunately, that was not the case, next year the cat came in and she was matted again. She was not the only cat we did that had the same problem, there were a few. I started thinking back to that crazy lady I had saw at the groom expo. Maybe she wasn’t crazy after all and she was on to something? The next groom expo I went on the hunt to find her. I found her at the Wahl booth again shaving down a cat, her name was Danelle German. I went to her seminars and I was hooked! Everything she said made sense. I went to her 2 week school National Cat Groomers Institute that summer and became a Certified Feline Master Groomer.

Improving the lives of cat through their grooming needs and teaching others the importance of cat grooming
— Upstate Meow

Gracee Owen, CFMG

Gracee started out grooming dogs for 2 years before finding her passion for grooming cats.  In 2014 she attended National Cat Groomers Institute of America, passing all of her exams gaining the title of Certified Feline Master Groomer.

She enjoys using her skills solving problems every cat runs into, matting, shedding, and hairballs to name a few. Being allergic to cats herself. She understands the importance of getting the cat clean to reduce the allergy causing protein that is in their saliva, giving allergy sufferers relief in the household.  

Gracee is also a certifier for the National Cat Groomers and enjoys spreading her knowledge to others who wants to become a cat groomer. She is also CPR Trainer for Pet Tech.