How to find the right cat groomer for you

Furballs, Tangles, and How to Choose a Cat Groomer

Happy New Year, Everybody! 2018 flew right on by, so now it’s time to get started with 2019. A new year bring new experience, adventures, and choices. One such choice may be: how do you choose a good cat groomer? Here are some practical tips to pick someone who is a cut above the rest (pun DEFINITELY intended).

Has the groomer in your consideration been trained or is currently in training to groom cats? Although this may sound like a “duh” answer, someone who is specialized in grooming cats should be high up on your list of qualifications. I recommend groomers who were trained underneath National Cat Groomers.

Is the salon feline exclusive? If not, do they have a separate area away from dogs? Grooming can be a stressful time for some cats, and having them more stressed with dogs around them is a bit of chaos! Finding a cat groomer that is either feline exclusive, has a separate area for dogs, or grooms cats and dogs on different days is ideal for less stress and more sanity! 

When checking through the social media of the groomer in question, do they have a lot of before and after pictures? Unfortunately, I’ve seen groomers who only groom cats because it’s a job and not because it’s a passion, and these places tend to lack in before and after pictures. You want to see plenty of photos!

Lastly, and most importantly, does the groomer understand the grooming needs of you and your cat? Having someone who is in tune with your needs and your questions is crucial when choosing a groomer. Every cat is unique, and their needs are distinct to them. Open communication helps build a trusting relationship between you and your groomer. 

No matter where you live or if you move to a new location, these tips can guide you to a great cat groomer. After all, your furbaby deserves the best! 


How To Keep Your Kitty Safe During The Holidays!


“No, Don’t Chew the Tinsel!” Keeping Your Cat Safe during Christmas

The Holidays are a time of joy, wonder, and time spent with family and friends. We can get so wrapped up (no pun intended!) in the events and parties that we may forget to be on the lookout for things that can harm our pets. Here are a few practical ways to make sure your feline friend is safe during the Holidays!

Strung up with lights and ornaments, your Christmas tree may look harmless enough. But did you know that real Christmas trees actually have oils that can cause irritation in the skin, stomach, and mouth if chewed on? Additionally, Christmas lights can be a danger if cats begin to chew on them (hello, electrical wires). Using battery operated lights is a great idea when it comes to which kind to use for your tree. And make sure to turn them off when you’re not around!

Give them a shake or a swirl, and watch the snow in a globe spin all around the glass. Magical! But what may not be as magical is when they break. Did you know that snow globes are filled with ethylene glycol? You may know it better as anti-freeze which animals are often attracted to due to its sweet smell and taste. Avoid accidents with snow globes can keeping them in places your cat can’t get to, and if one breaks clean it up thoroughly. 

Plants such as poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe can be beautiful but also dangerous. If ingested, symptoms include vomiting, irritation in the mouth, and abdominal pain. It’s best to avoid these kind of plants in your home if you own a cat, or make sure they’re in a separate room that kitty can’t get into.

And lastly, the holidays can be very stressful for cats who aren’t used to so many people coming in and out of the home. If you find your cat acting a little antsier, skittish, annoyed, or stressed, consider having a room just for your feline friend to have as their own. This way, they can easily escape and get some much needed rest. 

No matter how you choose to spend this time of year, be mindful of the pets who depend on us to keep them safe. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Upstate Meow!